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Board of Directors

Delmond Horn
Ian Fisher
Dr. Tony SwicerHospitals
Tyler VerhasseltEmergency Management
Kelly BremerEmergency Management
Gary GarskeLocal Public Health
Sue SmithLocal Public Health
Jacee ShepardTribal Health
Megan FoltmanTrauma
Jason KeffelerTrauma
Dr. Michael ClarkEMS
Marcus WaldenClinics
Kimberly SpurgeonClinics
Wendy FreeseCMS (Home Health and Hospice)
Sarah RothmeyerCMS (Skilled Nursing Facilities)

NCW HERC Coordinator
Ty Zastava
[email protected]

NCW HERC Medical Advisor
Dr. Timothy Vayder
[email protected]

NCRTAC Coordinator
Michael Fraley
[email protected]

Need to send the NCW HERC a file related to a project, grant, or other activity? Or do you have any general questions, comments, or concerns about the NCW HERC? Please send it to [email protected]

State map with all regional coordinators and advisors


The NCW HERC consists of the following counties and the tribal partners within those geographical boundaries. This geographical area is also referred to as a health emergency region. The NCW HERC is health emergency region 2.


Partners to the NCW HERC include:

  • Local Public Health (LPH)
  • Emergency Management (EM)
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Trauma
  • Tribal Health Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Long Term Care
  • Primary Care Sites
  • Wisconsin Medical Reserve Corps
  • And Other Agency Liaisons As Needed
North Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition

North Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council

The North Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (NCRTAC) is a member of the NCW HERC.

The NCRTAC is an organized group of health care entities and emergency responders who have an interest in organizing and improving trauma care within our region. Our primary purpose is to design, implement, and evaluate a trauma system within the region that is data-based, confidential and sensitive to the needs and limitations of our area.

More information about the NCRTAC can be found at NCRTAC-WI.org or by contacting:
Michael Fraley
RTAC Coordinator
[email protected]
(715) 892-3209

North Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition